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Music · 12/10/2019
“Walk on By”, a song written by Kendall Hayes, was recorded by Leroy Van Dyke for the Mercury label, on May 12, 1961, in Bradley Film and Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN, in the session three other songs were recorded: “save me the moonlight”, my world is caving in “and” a broken promise “Leroy Van Dyke was joined in this recording session by: Hank Garland (guitar), Kelso Herston (guitar), Jerry Kennedy (guitar), Harold Bradley (bass guitar), Buddy Killen (bass), William Ack
Music · 02/07/2018
Van Dyke was born in Mora, Missouri. He lived in Spencer, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Missouri majoring in agricultural journalism.He was catapulted into country music fame in 1956 with his composition "The Auctioneer", co-written with Buddy Black, which sold over 2.5 million records.He wrote the song about the life of his cousin, National Auctioneers Association Hall of Famer Ray Sims, also a Missourian. Van Dyke had the lead role of a budding country music performer in the
Music · 12/05/2017
Leroy Van Dyke plays The Auctioneer on Pop Goes The Country. "The Auctioneer" (also known as "The Auctioneer's Song") 1956 by Leroy Van Dyke.It was co-written with Buddy Black.