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Music · 07/15/2018
"Something to Brag About" is a song written by Bobby Braddock that was recorded as a duet between American country artists Charlie Louvin and Melba Montgomery. It was also issued as a single in 1970. "Something to Brag About" was originally recorded at the Jack Clement Recording Studio on July 15, 1970. It was Louvin's and Montgomery's first recording date together and the session also included several other duets between the two including "New Dreams and Sunshine". The session was produced by
Music · 05/25/2018
"No Charge"' is a country music song, written by songwriter Harlan Howard. It was made famous in North America by country singer Melba Montgomery, whose 1974 version was a #1 country hit in both the US and Canada, as well as making #39 on the US pop charts. In the UK, the song is associated with J.J. Barrie, whose 1976 cover was a #1 UK hit.