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reviews · 06/26/2018
For their second release, Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps have followed the old saying “you should write about what you know!” Add to that “sing” in the Notable's case. The well-traveled touring team certainly knows the road. Their hilarious “Mobil(e) Travel Guide” says it all and, of course, Joyce Woodson's song “Souvenir” provides the collection's title and slides into the passenger seat comfortably. Cover picks on the release include Dave Stamey's “Somewhere West Of Laramie,” Juni Fisher's m
Music · 02/09/2018
Notable Exceptions is a tidy bundle of energy, talent, experience, and musical joy. The Notable Exceptions sound is a potpourri of Folk, Western, and novelty tunes. From house concerts to concert halls, Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps are known in the world of western music for their finely crafted vocal harmony. Their original tunes are lighthearted and conversational. For accompaniment, Judy's tasteful rhythm guitar is right on the button; Jennifer sweetens the sound with tidbits of harmonica, rh