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Music · 11/19/2019
Ricky Van Shelton, recorded for the Columbia label, on January 19, 1988, with the production of Steve Buckingham, the song was released on August 14, 1988, and on November 19 reached number # 1 of the charts of US Hot Country Songs, for two weeks in a row, and remaining a total of 21 weeks on the list. One week later, on November 26, it also reached # 1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts. It was the fourth number one in Ricky's career, and the fourth consecutive number one.
Music · 10/29/2019
A song written by Walt Aldridge, was recorded for the Columbia label on December 20, 1990, at Nightingale Studio, 1815 Division St., Suite 115, Nashville, TN / Dog House Studio, Nashville, TN. With the production of Steve Buckingham, it was released on April 8, 1991, on July 27, 1991, it reached number # 1 of the lists of US Hot Country Singles, on August 10 it would also arrive at number # 1 of the lists from Canada Country Tracks. He was the eighth number one in his musical career. The song w
Music · 10/29/2019
A song written and recorded for the first time by Ned Miller, for the label Dot Records, released on June 17, 1957, it was re-released in 1962, for the Fabor label. Arriving at number # 2 on the lists of US Hot Country Songs. The song was included on the album, From a Jack to a King (Fabor 1963). Ricky Van Shelton, recorded on January 18, 1988, for the Columbia label, with the production of Steve Buckingham, was released on December 24, 1988, on March 18, 1989, reached number # 1 on the lists o
Music · 10/15/2019
Don’t We All Have the Right, a song written by Roger Miller, was recorded by Ricky Van Shelton for the Columbia label, was recorded on October 15, 1986, along with two other songs, in Nashville, TN, at the recording session Ricky was accompanied by: Don Potter (acoustic guitar), Larry Byrom (acoustic guitar), Richard Bennett (guitar), Steve Buckingham (guitar), Steve Gibson (electric guitar), Dennis Burnside (piano), Paul Franklin and Sonny Garrish (steel), David Hungate, Tom Robb and Michael Rh
Music · 10/13/2019
Song written by Harlan Howard, was recorded by Ricky Van Shelton, on October 14, 1986, for the Columbia label, with the production of Steve Buckingham, was released on December 7, 1987, on March 19, 1989, it would reach number # 1 of the lists of US Hot Country Songs. In the lists of Canadian RPM Country Tracks, also it arrived at number # 1, the 2 of April 1988. It was the second number one in the race of Ricky. The song was included in Ricky Van Shelton’s debut album, Wild-Eyed Dream (Columb
Music · 07/30/2018
"Don't We All Have the Right" is a song written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1970 and featured on his album, Trip in the Country, released as a double A-side with "South." It was later recorded by Ricky Van Shelton. It was first the b-side to his second single "Crime of Passion" before it served as the fifth and last single released from his debut album, Wild-Eyed Dream in 1988. The song was Shelton's 3rd #1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart as we
Music · 12/24/2017
Ricky Van Shelton performs "White Christmas" on Grand Ole Opry. "White Christmas" is a 1942 Irving Berlin song reminiscing about an old-fashioned Christmas setting. The sung version by Bing Crosby is the world's best-selling single with estimated sales in excess of 100 million copies worldwide.