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reviews · 05/03/2018
The hallmark of Ron Christopher releases is a thickness of production values. It's always a Big West effect and the effect certainly rules here. Woven into and around the album's fourteen tracks are sixteen musicians!! Christopher could certainly never be cited as a believer in the adage “less is more.” For him, more is more...and then let's add some more! Picks this time out are the saga songs “Sonora,” “Iron Mistress,” “Line In The Sand,” a veteran commentary song “Lone Wolf” and Christop
Music · 01/18/2018
Story telling lyrics and a voice evocative of Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash. Ron Christopher is a singer/songwriter you will enjoy for hours! An eclectic mix of 14 new, entirely original cowboy ,country and legend songs by Ron Christopher done in his trade mark style! Can be purchased on CD Baby (about $13) i tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play.
reviews · 11/23/2017
After quite a lengthy absence from our pages comes Ron Christopher, with another masterfully produced contemporary Western album. Beat driven, Christopher’s newest effort features his power ballad style drawn from the Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins playbooks. With strong and appropriate supplemental instrumentation and effects, it’s a classic “Big West” effect that isn’t tried often these days. ‘ Gotta have the budget for it, I guess. Album picks include the title track “Into The West,” “Parad