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Music · 11/11/2019
“Jealous Heart”, a song written by Jenny Lou Carson, and first recorded by Tex Ritter & His Texans for the Capitol label on September 20, 1944, at C.P. McGregor Studio, 729 S. Western Ave., Hollywood, CA. At the Tex Ritter recording session, he was accompanied by: Merle Travis, Wesley Tuttle, Frankie Marvin, Merwin Fischal, Paul Sells, Carl Hunt and Benjamin Zimberoff. In that same session they also recorded: I'm going to leave you like I found you, We live in two different worlds and How was I
Music · 01/02/2018
It is the theme song of the movie High Noon, sung over the opening credits by Tex Ritter, with its tune repeated throughout the film. It was awarded the 1952 Academy Award for Best Original Song,and was performed that night for the Academy by Ritter.The song is about the film's main character, Will Kane (played by Gary Cooper), and the moral dilemma of his new wife, Amy Fowler Kane (played by Grace Kelly), abandoning (or "forsaking") him b
Music · 01/02/2018
Tex Ritter performs "Rye Whiskey",on the Jimmy Dean Show. Jack of Diamonds (a.k.a. Jack o' Diamonds and Jack of Diamonds (Is a Hard Card to Play)) is a traditional folk song. It is a Texas gambling song that was popularized by Blind Lemon Jefferson.It was sung by railroad men who had lost money playing conquian.At least twelve white artists recorded the tune before World War II. The song has been recorded under various titles such as "A Corn Licker Still in Georgia" (Riley Puckett) and "Rye Whis