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Music · 04/27/2020
“The Chokin 'Kind”, song written by Harlan Howard, was recorded by Waylon Jennings & The Waylors for the RCA label, there was a first recording on April 25, 1967, but the final recording was on April 27, 1967, at RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN. In the same session these three songs were also recorded: “Just a cross the way”, “Listen They're playing my song cas” and “Yes Virginia”. Waylon was joined at the recording session by: Fred Carter (guitar), Jerry Reed (guitar), Chi
Music · 04/21/2020
“I Wish I Was Crazy Again”, song written by Bob McDill, was recorded by Johnny Cash And Waylon Jennings for the Columbia label, there was a first recording on April 21, 1976, without Waylon, in House Of Cash, Hendersonville, TN In the same session, “City Jail” and “Far side banks of Jordan” were also recorded. Johnny was accompanied at the recording session by: Jerry Hensley (guitar), Jack Routh (guitar), Bob Wooton (guitar), Marshall Grant (bass), WS Holland (drums), Larry McCoy (piano). The fi
Music · 11/23/2019
The song written by Ed Bruce & Patsy Bruce, was recorded for the first time by Ed, in October of 1975 for the label United Artist, produced by Chuck Haines & Patsy Bruce, arrived at the position number 15 of the country lists between the end of 1975 and early 1976. Chris Ledoux, also recorded for his album, Songbook of the American West (American Cowboy Songs 1976). But the most successful version was recorded by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, was released in January 1978 and included on the
Music · 11/14/2019
Song written by Hal Bynum & Dave Kirby, was recorded by Johnny Cash with Waylon Jennings, for the Columbia label, recorded on July 6, 1976, with the production of Larry Butler, the song was released on May 20, 1978, at the lists of US Hot Country Songs, arrived at number # 2, and # 5 in the lists of Canadian RPM Country Tracks. The song was included in Cash’s 57th studio album, I Would Like to See You Again (Columbia 1978), the album was recorded between July 6, 1976 – October 4, 1977, and was
Music · 10/28/2019
Song written by Bobby Emmons and Chips Moman, was recorded by Waylon Jennings for the RCA label, the song was recorded on January 7, 1977, at American Studios, 1111 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN, Waylon was accompanied in the recording by: Waylon Jennings (vocals and guitar), Reggie Young (guitar), Johnny Christopher (guitar), Gordon Payne (guitar), Rance Wasson (guitar), Ralph Mooney (steel & dobro), Sherman Hayes (bass), Ritchie Albright (drums), Clifford Robertson (keyboards) and Willie. Wit
Music · 10/28/2019
A song written and recorded by Walon Jennings, for the RCA label, was recorded on April 14, 1978, in Nasville, Tennesse, supported by the recording by: Waylon Jennings (vocal / guitar), Reggie Young (guitar), Fred Carter (guitar), Rance Wasson (guitar), Tony Joe White (guitar), Gordon Payne (guitar), Ralph Mooney (steel), Sherman Hayes / Bee Spears (bass), Barney Robertson (keyboards), Don Brooks (harmonica). Production Waylon Jennings & Richie Albright, was released in October 1978. The song re
Music · 10/24/2019
A song written and recorded for the first time by Canadian singer and composer, Gordon Ligthfoot, in December 1964, for the Warner label, with the production of Groscourt Productions, was released in March 1965. It would be included in the debut album, Lightfoot (Unaited Artist records 1966).
Music · 10/21/2019
Waylon makes a wonderful version of the song “Help Me Make It Through the Night”, in the tribute to the composer and writer Kris Kristofferson made in 1995. Kristofferson said he got inspiration for the song from an interview with Esquire magazine with Frank Sinatra. When asked what he believed in, Frank replied: “Alcoholic beverage, breadth or a bible … whatever helps me out of the night.”
Music · 10/20/2019
The song was written by Jimmy Bryant and recorded for the first time by Jim Alley in August 1967, but there is a dispute about the composer. Waylon picked up the song from the 1967 original single of California country singer Jim Alley. While the melody is attributed to West Coast studio guitarist Jimmy Bryant, who owns the rights, it is unlikely that Bryant wrote it. The researchers theorize, supported by comments from a musician on Alley’s record that Bryant probably bought Alley’s song, commo
Music · 10/19/2019
Song written by David Bellamy, and recorded by the duo The Bellamy Brothers, was recorded in April 1980 and released in May of the same year, for Warner Bros Records, the song included in the album, You Could Get Crazy (Warner 1980). The song reached number one on the country charts on August 2, 1980, and remained on lists for 17 weeks, it would be the third number one in the Bellamy Brothers race of a total of 14.

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