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Music · 04/08/2020
"She Talked a Lot About Texas", a song written by Don Wayne, was recorded by Cal Smith for the MCA label on July 17, 1974, at Bradley's Barn, 722 Bender’s Ferry Road, Mount Juliet, TN. With the production by Walter Haynes, the song was released on April 19, 1975, and on June 21, 1975, peaked at # 13 on the US Hot Country Songs charts, remaining on the charts for a total of 13 weeks. On the Canadian RPM Countrt tracks charts, it peaked at # 5.
Music · 03/18/2020
“That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine ”, a song written by Gene autry and Jimmy Long, was first recorded by Jimmy Long and Cliff Keiser for the Champion label, on December 2, 1930, and released in early 1931, to At the end of 1931 they recorded it Gene Autry & Jimmy Long, for the Perfect label and was released in January 1932. Was the first hit song of American cowboy entertainer Gene Autry, a duet with fellow railroad man, Jimmy Long, the single achieved the greatest popularity in 1935, selling 5 m
Music · 03/18/2020
“It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)”, song written by Buck Owens, and recorded by Buck Owens and His Buckaroos for the Capitol label, was recorded on June 8, 1967, at Capitol Recording Studio, 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood, CA or Bakersfield, CA. In the same session, “Toys for tots” (unissued) was also recorded, in the recording session Buck was accompanied by: Jelly Sanders (guitar), Don Rich (lead guitar), Jacky Wayne Wilson (guitar), Tom Brumley (steel), Bert Dodson (bass) and
Music · 02/26/2020
“ (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again " , a song written by Arthur Leo “Doodle” Owens and Dallas Frazier, was recorded by Charley Pride for the RCA label on August 5, 1969, at RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave South, Nashville, TN, in the same recording session three more songs were recorded: “If you'd have only taken the time”, “Me and Bobby McGee” and “One time”. In the recording session Charley was accompanied by: Billy Grammer (guitar), Billy Sanford (guitar), Lloyd Green (steel), Junior Huske
Music · 02/24/2020
“Whiskey Chasin '”, Song written by Buddy Cannon, was recorded by Joe Stampley for the Epic label, in November 1980, the album was recorded between three studios: Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN, Woodland Sound Studio, Nashville, TN and Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN. In the recording session of the album, Joe was accompanied by: Davi Briggs, Terry McMillan, Leo Jackson, Mike Leech, Reggie Young, Billy Sanford, Weldon Myrick, Larrie Londin, Jimmy Capps, Pete Wade and The Shelly Kurland S
Music · 02/24/2020
“(When You Fall in Love) Everything's a Waltz”, a song written by Ed Bruce, Patsy Bruce and Ron Peterson, was recorded by Ed Bruce for the MCA label, recorded in October 1980, in Sound Stage Studio, 10 Music Circle South, Nashville, TN, in the recording session of the album, Ed Bruce was accompanied by: Bobby Thompson (guitar), Fred Newell (guitar), Jon Goin (guitar), Pete Bordonalli (guitar), Tommy West (guitar), Bill Kenner (mandolin), Sonny Garrish (steel and dobro), Joe Allen and Steve Shaff
Music · 02/21/2020
song written and recorded by Boxcar Willie for the Column One label, in 1979, in Nashville, TN. With the production of Jim Martin. The song was not released in single in USA. It was released in single in U.K, for the Big R label, on April 3, 1981.
Music · 02/21/2020
Jerry Lee Lewis recorded it for the Smash label on February 26, 1969, at Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville 3, TN. With the production of Jerry Kennedy, the song was released in June 1969, and On July 19, 1969, he reached #3 on the US Hot Country Songs charts, remaining a total of 15 weeks on the charts. And on July 28, 1969, it reached at #1 on the Canadian Rpm Country tracks charts.
Music · 02/19/2020
“I Want You Tonight”, a song written by S. Davis, was recorded by Johnny Rodriguez for the Epic label, in January 1981, at Columbia Recording Studio, 34 Music Sq. East, Nashville, TN. With the production of Billy Sherrill, the song was released in March 1981, entered lists on April 11, 1981, and on June 6, 1981, reached number # 22 of the US Hot Country Songs charts, remaining a total of 13 weeks on the charts. On the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts, It reached at number # 49.
Music · 02/18/2020
“Jealous Loving Heart”, a song written by Billy Talmadge Tubb and Ernest Tubb, was recorded by Ernest Tubb for the Decca label on January 11, 1954, at Castle Studio, The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN In the same session, three other songs were also recorded: “Till we two are one”, “Your mother, your darling, your friend” and “Baby your mother”. In the recording session Ernest Tubb, it was accompanied by: Billy Byrd (guitar), Grady Martin (guitar), Dickie Harris (steel), Jack Dr

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