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Music · 04/13/2020
“Miss Molly”, a song written by Cindy Walker, was first recorded by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys for the Okeh label, on July 15, 1942, on CBS Studio (Radio Station KNX) 6121 Gower and Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 28. In that same session, five more songs were recorded, Bob Wills, was accompanied on the recording by: Leon Huff (vocal), Doyle Salathier (guitar), Leon McAuliffe (steel and vocal), Darrell Jones (bass), Joe Holley (fiddle), Bob Wills (fiddle), Louis Tierney (fiddle), Bob Fitzgerald
Music · 10/16/2019
The song “San Antonio Rose” is an instrumental song composed by the king of Western Swing “Bob Wills”. Bob Wills, along with the Texas Playbosys, recorded it several times, the first one on November 28, 1938. The song has become one of the great successes of Bob Wills. In 1939 the single climbed onto the national pop charts (country charts were not established until 1944) and peaked at # 15. That same year Bob, Tommy Duncan and an associate named Everett Stone sat down and wrote the lyrics fo
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Is a humorous Western swing standard written by Fred Rose in 1946. In the song, Roly Poly is a very active boy who eats continuously to keep his strength up. Each verse ends with: Roly Poly, daddy’s little fatty, Bet he’s gonna be a man someday. “Roly Poly” was first recorded by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys in 1946, staying on the charts for 18 weeks and reaching number three. It has been recorded by many Western swing bands since. Notable renditions have been recorded by fellow Texans, co
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The George Strait version, was recorded on June 20, 1983, for the MCA label, with the production of Ray Baker, was released on January 25, 1984, reaching number one on the US country charts, on the 28th. April 1984, staying 12 weeks on the list. The song would be included on the album, Right Or Wrong (MCA 1983), the album also reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Top Country George Strait's success led to the songwriter, Haven Gillespie, receiving an ASCAP award in 1985 for writing the song.
Music · 04/06/2018
"Ida Red" is an American traditional song of unknown origins that was made famous in the upbeat 1938 version by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. Wills' Ida Red served as the primary inspiration for Chuck Berry's first big hit Maybellene. It is chiefly identified by variations of the chorus: Ida Red, Ida Red, I'm a plumb fool 'bout Ida Red. Verses are unrelated, rather humorous, and free form, changing from performance to performance. Ida Red's identity is unknown, but is feminine in most uses.
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The Texas Playboys - Boot Heel Drag Live on The Texas Connection.After forming a new band, The Playboys, and relocating to Waco, Wills found enough popularity there to decide on a bigger market. They left Waco in January 1934 for Oklahoma City. Wills soon settled the renamed Texas Playboys in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and began broadcasting noontime shows over the 50,000 watt KVOO radio station. Their 12:30–1:15 p.m. Monday–Friday broadcasts became a veritable institution in the region. Nearly all of the
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Merle Haggard And The Texas.Playboys Tribute Bob Wills. Bob Wills Medley: Texas Playboy Theme/Bob Wills Special/Ida Red/Faded Love/Roly Poly/San Antonio... Bob Wills is still the king.
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Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys, on Tv show. Bob Wills is still the king. On this occasion he plays 5 songs on television. San Antonio Rose (instrumental),Rose of Old Pawnee,Intrumental,Rock A Bye Baby Blues,Can’t Break a Heart without Killing the Soul and Take Me Back To Tulsa