reviews · 06/18/2018
The legendary Light Crust Doughboys have just released another very enjoyable album of 12 tunes. This one features young and talented vocalist Kristyn Harris on many of the cuts. Art Greenhaw is the leader of the group and also does many of the vocals. The album opens with a wonderful instrumental version of the longtime Bob Wills standard, San Antonio Rose. The album's other instrumental is also from the Bob Wills book, Faded Love. Also from the Wills songbook is the first with Kristyn on voca
reviews · 05/24/2018
I’m noticing what appears to be a shift in my radio listening audience away from folks who enjoyed Saturday matinees as children, to those who came along a little later and only watched tv Westerns at home. At least, audience response has been hinting at that shift, and, given our changing demographics, specifically the natural aging process, the perception stands a good chance of being accurate. If that’s the case, Jasmine made a wise decision in releasing this new CD of 40 tv themes.         
reviews · 05/05/2018
    On the 40th anniversary of the release of the highly successful film, Smokey & the Bandit, the Varese Sarabande label issued a CD of music from the soundtracks of  both the original film and its sequel, Smokey & the Bandit 2.  For Western music fans, the vital element in this release is that it includes “Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride,” the last commercial recording made by Roy Rogers with the Sons of the Pioneers. It’s a record that was produced and co-written by Roy’s friend, Snuff Garrett.
reviews · 05/04/2018
In 1982, Warner Brothers released an all-Western LP by Rex Allen, Jr. to showcase “The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys,” a song that included appearances by Rex Allen, Sr. and Roy Rogers, along with Rex, Jr. But the LP included much more, e.g. Rex Jr.’s co-composition, “Ride, Cowboy, Ride,” which became the theme song for Riders in the Sky for years, and has also been recorded and performed by many others over the years since Rex, Jr. recorded this definitive version. The Reinsmen sang with hi
reviews · 05/03/2018
The hallmark of Ron Christopher releases is a thickness of production values. It's always a Big West effect and the effect certainly rules here. Woven into and around the album's fourteen tracks are sixteen musicians!! Christopher could certainly never be cited as a believer in the adage “less is more.” For him, more is more...and then let's add some more! Picks this time out are the saga songs “Sonora,” “Iron Mistress,” “Line In The Sand,” a veteran commentary song “Lone Wolf” and Christop
reviews · 04/19/2018
This is a wonderful new CD of 9 tunes that features this very exciting New Orleans based Western Swing band. The band has spotlighted on vocal and rhythm guitar- Johnny Angel. Ron Reiss is the steel guitarist and also plays tic-toc bass and does harmony vocals. Michael Harvey plays fiddle and Markalain Dery plays doghouse bass. Kit Keen and James Clark are the drummers and Ben Rosow plays electric lead guitar. The material is a mixture of western swing, Texas dance hall music and country. The a
reviews · 04/18/2018
Having been a guide in the Washington State wilderness, Lauralee Northcott, former lead vocalist for the Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, writes of what she knows in her first solo outing in a spell. With the strong focus having been on harmony and arrangements, now we get to appreciate Northcott's interpretive skills...especially true since there are breaks in the action for poetry, too (“Dutch Oven Cooking,” “Mountain Staircase” and “Little Kids & Big Horses”). A sweet cover of Richard Elloyan's “T
reviews · 04/12/2018
This is a wonderful new CD of 11 tunes that features this dynamic new Western Swing band. The band has spotlighted on vocal- Carlos Washington. Tom Broderick is the steel guitarist and also the lead guitarist on Kiss Me Baby, an original tune that was composed by Tom, Carlos and pianist Ed Gulon. Joel Denman plays fiddle, acoustic guitar and does harmony vocals. Kit Simon plays electric and rhythm guitar and does harmony vocals. Daniel Quisenberry is the drummer and Brad Van Loenen, the bassist.
reviews · 04/11/2018
This time around, the award-winning Mr. Jones offers Western tracks and not-so Western tracks in a mix of the purely pleasant with frequent dashes of the thoughtful. Picks include one that could be autobiographical for any traveling musician “Living The Dream,” the novelty spin on “Bringing In The Sheaves” Jones calls “More Meat For Me,” a Jones/Kristyn Harris co-write (and sing) “Take Me Back To Texas,” the title track “Headin' Home,” a Jones/Bruce Huntington co-write called “Man Of The Mounta
reviews · 04/09/2018
This is a brand new six tune CD released by Georgia Parker. She is featured on vocal and also plays some wonderful guitar. Joining her are both Ian Lee who also handles vocals and plays an awesome fiddle and Nick Lochman, the bassist and also a vocalist. The album opens in a Western mood with Georgia's own composition, A Cowboy's Life. The album also includes classic pop music standards done in the groups Western Swing style, Exactly Like You from the pen of Jimmy McHugh and Al Jolson's Avalon.

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