reviews · 04/19/2018
This is a wonderful new CD of 9 tunes that features this very exciting New Orleans based Western Swing band. The band has spotlighted on vocal and rhythm guitar- Johnny Angel. Ron Reiss is the steel guitarist and also plays tic-toc bass and does harmony vocals. Michael Harvey plays fiddle and Markalain Dery plays doghouse bass. Kit Keen and James Clark are the drummers and Ben Rosow plays electric lead guitar. The material is a mixture of western swing, Texas dance hall music and country. The a
reviews · 04/18/2018
Having been a guide in the Washington State wilderness, Lauralee Northcott, former lead vocalist for the Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, writes of what she knows in her first solo outing in a spell. With the strong focus having been on harmony and arrangements, now we get to appreciate Northcott's interpretive skills...especially true since there are breaks in the action for poetry, too (“Dutch Oven Cooking,” “Mountain Staircase” and “Little Kids & Big Horses”). A sweet cover of Richard Elloyan's “T
reviews · 04/12/2018
This is a wonderful new CD of 11 tunes that features this dynamic new Western Swing band. The band has spotlighted on vocal- Carlos Washington. Tom Broderick is the steel guitarist and also the lead guitarist on Kiss Me Baby, an original tune that was composed by Tom, Carlos and pianist Ed Gulon. Joel Denman plays fiddle, acoustic guitar and does harmony vocals. Kit Simon plays electric and rhythm guitar and does harmony vocals. Daniel Quisenberry is the drummer and Brad Van Loenen, the bassist.
reviews · 04/11/2018
This time around, the award-winning Mr. Jones offers Western tracks and not-so Western tracks in a mix of the purely pleasant with frequent dashes of the thoughtful. Picks include one that could be autobiographical for any traveling musician “Living The Dream,” the novelty spin on “Bringing In The Sheaves” Jones calls “More Meat For Me,” a Jones/Kristyn Harris co-write (and sing) “Take Me Back To Texas,” the title track “Headin' Home,” a Jones/Bruce Huntington co-write called “Man Of The Mounta
reviews · 04/09/2018
This is a brand new six tune CD released by Georgia Parker. She is featured on vocal and also plays some wonderful guitar. Joining her are both Ian Lee who also handles vocals and plays an awesome fiddle and Nick Lochman, the bassist and also a vocalist. The album opens in a Western mood with Georgia's own composition, A Cowboy's Life. The album also includes classic pop music standards done in the groups Western Swing style, Exactly Like You from the pen of Jimmy McHugh and Al Jolson's Avalon.
reviews · 04/08/2018
“The Diamond Dubs” once again prove themselves to be one of the classiest of the class acts with their new Kansas-themed release. But they remain fresh enough to allow for some spontaneity Mastered into their take of “Ghost Riders...” is the Kansas thunderstorm that arrived to interrupt their recording session! Original picks include band member Stu Stuart's majestic title song “The Rolling Kansas Plains,” Jim Farrell's “Trail Dust” and his loping “Full Gallop.” Among the covers chosen picks
reviews · 04/06/2018
Taryn Noelle, a member of Rick and the Ramblers, the wonderful Vermont Western Swing Band of Rick Norcross, has a brand new CD of 11 tunes produced by Rick. Two of those tunes, You're Gonna Get Hurt and Take Your Time were written by Rick and feature him on duet or harmony vocal with Noelle. The album also features fiddle wizard Doug Reid and the lap steel, piano and accordion of Charlie MacFadyen. Dono Schabner plays both lead and rhythm guitar, Ian Koeller and Brett Hoffman are heard playing d
reviews · 04/05/2018
Ricky along with his good friend, writing partner and producer J.P. Pennington is laying out his heart and soul on his first CD, Thanks A Lot Loretta. This is the kind of music that true country music lovers have been anticipating for quite some time. Not only has he brought back authentic country music but he pays tribute to his longtime idol, Loretta Lynn whose cassette tape was the first he ever bought, ‘Just a Woman’. I thought she was a knock-out right then and there. I really fell in love
reviews · 04/05/2018
Leslie Tom’s Ain’t It Something, Hank Williams is not your typical tribute record. It’s a 10-track reflection of Leslie’s own journey in life, thoughtfully—and often playfully—intertwined with Hank Williams-inspired tales of addiction, love, heartache and loss. 'A part of all of us died, too, the day he passed away,' she croons on 'Mr. Williams,' spotlighting the legend’s lasting emotional and musical impact. Leading with her irresistible vocals and proclivity for grounded storytelling, Leslie h
reviews · 04/05/2018
Occasionally in Carol Markstrom's earlier recordings, I seemed to detect a touch of “careful caution” appearing in her singing. With this one, Markstrom has found her voice, as it were...confident enough to throw a little carefree abandon and even some acting into the delivery, and it works with sassy satisfaction! Through Rex Allen, Jr., for her newest album Markstrom connected with producer Bil VornDick. He receives co-writing credit on a number of the tracks and his general effect on thing

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