Britt Arensen - Dream In Blue

Here is one of those borderline cases.  Is it Western, Western-ish or none of the above?  It’s a case of moods, people and images that could slip into a Western framework…or avoid it totally.  The tracks that do come closest are “Calamity Jane,” “Wood River Moon” and “No Kind Of Angel.”


In addition to a conundrum, what Alaska transplant to Montana Britt Arnesen has provided to us is a very original and poetic set of lyrics and melodic patterns set to the rich vintage slack key accompaniment of an 1891 Martin Parlor Guitar (tuned A=432hz for the technicians among you)!  Arnesen paints word pictures with impressionistic strokes and colors.  Vocally Arnesen can almost seem like a waif fighting tides of fate, sort of but not precisely from the Melanie Safka school.


Having travelled form the far north to Missoula, Montana specifically to study with the region’s Bluegrass and Western performing artists, Britt Arnesen certainly has the potential to bring us new and exciting work that embodies Western occurrences and sense of Western place.  We eagerly await it, and in the meantime…you might want to check this out!  It’s really well done.  Twelve tracks.


CD:  $10 + $5 s/h from Britt Arnesen, PO Box 8365, Missoula, MT 59807 or through www.907Britt.com


 - by Rick Huff

Britt Arensen - Dream In Blue lyrics


The other night, I had a dream in blue

Counting stars for every time I lose you

Calling out to the lonesome moon, and

Waitin' on a white flower to bloom


Float along the river's lazy bend

See the willows standin' hand in hand, they

Sing about my lovesick blues, and

Drown me in their mournful music


The other night, you had a dream in red

Lost your sleep to the noise of the unsaid

Strange sounds from the open window

Wander out to the ghost who knew you


Lay me down upon the stones I threw

Close my eyes so they can't accuse you

Make believe that you didn't do it

Innocent until they can prove it


Tell your alibi until it's true

Swallow all the pleasures of your choosin'

Hear the barn owl wondering "who"

He's there to watch your every move


The other night, I had a dream in blue

Countin' stars for every time I lose you

Callin' out to the lonesome moon, and

Drowning in my mournful music

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