Buck Owens - Tall Dark Stranger

"Tall Dark Stranger" is a 1969 single written and recorded by Buck Owens. "Tall Dark Stranger" was Buck Owens' twentieth number one on the country chart, spending a single week at the top and a total of thirteen weeks on the charts.


A video for the song was taped for the TV series Hee Haw, on which Owens was a co-host. The video is set in a wild west town, and during the musical bridge the song's main theme – a handsome stranger, tall and dressed in black clothing, stealing the heart of a young man's girlfriend and the woman riding off with him – is played out, said incident happening as Owens (cast as the protagonist) and the woman are walking out of a saloon. The video has since aired on Great American Country and CMT.

Buck Owens - Tall Dark Stranger lyrics


Beware of a tall dark stranger

If he comes ridin' into your town

A tall dark stranger is danger (danger)

So don't let no stranger hang around

For he can capture the heart of a woman

With one glance from his flashing brown eyes

Like a bolt from the blue he can steal her from you

Then jump up on his pony and ride ride ride

(Repeat Chorus)

They say a tall dark stranger is a demon

And that a devil rides closely by his side

With no warning he can strike like the thief in the night

Then jump up on his pony and ride ride ride

(Repeat Chorus)

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