Cal Smith performs "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking'Live Video

Cal Smith performs "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking'Live Video

"The Lord Knows I'm Drinking" is a 1972 song written by Bill Anderson and made famous by country music singer Cal Smith.


Smith, who had first gained fame performing with Ernest Tubb's Texas Trubadors in the 1960s, released a series of minor hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It wasn't until 1972 when he hit the top 5 of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart with "I've Found Someone of My Own" (a cover of the Free Movement pop hit). Later in 1972, he released what became his first No. 1 hit, the Anderson-penned "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking."

Cal Smith The Lord Knows I'm Drinking Lyrics

Hello Mrs. Johnson you self-righteous woman

Sunday School teacher what brings you out slumming

Do you reckon the preacher would approve where you are

Standing here visiting with a back-sliding Christian

In a neighborhood bar


Well yes that's my bottle and yes that's my glass

And I see you're eye balling this pretty young lass

It ain't none of your business but yes she's with me

And we don't need no sermon you self-righteous woman

Just let us be


The Lord knows I'm drinking and running around

And He don't need your loud mouth informing the town

The Lord knows I'm sinning and sinning ain't right

But me and the Good Lord's gonna have us a good talk

Later tonight


Goodbye Mrs. Johnson you self-righteous biddy

I don't need your preaching and I don't need your pity

So go back to whatever you hypocrites do

And when I talk to Heaven be nice and I'll put in

A good word for you


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