Carl Perkins performs "Restless"

"Restless" is a 1968 song written by Carl Perkins and released as a single on Columbia Records. The song was recorded on September 27, 1968, and released as a 45 single, 4-44723, on Columbia, in December, 1968, backed with "11-43", reaching no. 20 on the Billboard country chart. The recording, produced by Bill Denny and Larry Butler, also appeared on the May, 1969 Columbia LP Carl Perkins' Greatest Hits.The song also appeared on the 1992 Carl Perkins compilation album Restless: The Columbia Recordings. The song became a major hit again in 1991 in a new all-star recording by Mark O'Connor and The New Nashville Cats. Carl Perkins performed the song on the Kraft Music Hall episode hosted by Johnny Cash on April 16, 1969

Carl Perkins - Restless Lyrics


Well I walked up to her window

I said, gimme a ticket please

She said, where to mister?

I said, that's all right with me honey



I'm just restless

I need to get on out of town

I need to go right now

Take me where the living's easy

Baby, that's where I'll be found

Huh-huh, right now


I said, honey tell that driver

To put his big foot on that gas

Run this old grey dog

Just as long as it might last


I said, honey tell that driver

Take me farther down the road

Just take this grey dog

Any place he wants to go


I'm travelling light

Because I might be going far

Takin' nothing but the clothes on my back

And my big red guitar

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