Carl Smith - There She Goes

"There She Goes" is a Single by Carl Smith, which reached number 3 on the US Country charts.

Known as "Mister Country," Smith was the husband of June Carter (later June Carter Cash) and Goldie Hill, and the father of Carlene Carter. He was one of the most successful male artists during the 1950s, with 30 Top 10 Billboard hits, including 21 in a row. Smith's success continued well into the 1970s, when he had a charting single every year except one. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame

Carl Smith There She Goes Lyrics


There she goes, she's walking away

Each step she takes, brings the heartaches my way

He won her heart, I lost her someway

There she goes she's walking away

If I hadn't cheated, if I hadn't lied

I'd be the one, walking by her side

I love her still and I guess that it shows

She's walking away there she goes

If I…

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