New Relase Carol Markstrom "Desert Rose"Review by Rick Huff

Occasionally in Carol Markstrom's earlier recordings, I seemed to detect a touch of “careful caution” appearing in her singing.  With this one, Markstrom has found her voice, as it were...confident enough to throw a little carefree abandon and even some acting into the delivery, and it works with sassy satisfaction!


Through Rex Allen, Jr., for her newest album Markstrom connected with producer Bil VornDick.  He receives co-writing credit on a number of the tracks and his general effect on things has obviously been positive.  Eleven musicians (including three from the illustrious Time Jumpers) provide superb support, with vocal harmonies being done by Micki Fuhrman and Rex, Jr.  He also joins Markstrom in a duet for the albums closer “Cowboy Christmas.”


Before his death, Mentor Williams sent a folio of his unreleased songs to his buddy Bil VornDick, who has granted her access to two of them for the occasion.  Both are album picks.  “Bandida” (which Markstrom absolutely nails vocally, co-written with Michael Hearne) and “Love Is An Angel.”  Other picks include the swinger “Too Bad This Town Ain't In Texas,” “Rangeland Lament,” and, with Markstrom embracing the international cowboy, “Dust Bowl Dance” from the United Kingdom's alternative rock group Mumford & Sons.  Recommended.  Thirteen tracks.  


Rick Huff


Hitch a Ride

Where Did You Go

Granite Gap

Dust Bowl Dance

Medicine Bottle

Too Bad This Town Ain't In Texas

Rangeland Lament

Seminole Wind

Love is an Angel

Kachemak Bay

Long Long Time

Cowboy Christmas


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