Chris Brashear, Peter McLaughlin & Todd Phillips - The Colton House Sessions [Songs For The Southwest]

Brashear and McLaughlin have performed together to accolades for a couple of decades now, and with the addition of Todd Phillips, they've dubbed themselves “The Colton House Trio,” at least for now!  It's all the result of a songwriting residency at Flagstaff's famous Colton House granted to the men by the Museum of Northern Arizona.  These songs were debuted in a program at the Pickin' In The Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival.  You'll find saga songs, portraits in music and even some material done in tribute to an early friend of the fledgling WMA, the late Katie Lee.


The album's theme is stated clearly on the jacket:  “An acoustic music celebration inspired by the history and wonder of the Southwest and the Colorado Plateau.”  Every song completes its mission, but we'll name as picks “Slow River Running,” “Terlingua To Tombstone,” “Too Thick To Drink Too Thin To Plow,” “Big High Mountain” and “Hassayampa Blues.”  Recommended.  Twelve tracks.


CD:  $19 + s/h through www.musnaz.org for all credit card purchases or $15 + $2.75 s/h through www.chrisbrashear.info



- by Rick Huff

Slow River Running

Terlingua to Tombstone

Big High Mountain

She Knows the River

Silverbell Mine

Unforgettable Ride


Katie's Tune

Too Thick to Drink, Too Thin to Plow

Steal Away

Song of the Boatman

Hassayamper Blues

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