Connie Smith - I Can't Remember

I Can't Remember

Connie Smith performs "I Can't Remember"on The Jimmy Dean Show.

"I Can't Remember" is a song written by Bill and Bette Anderson, and recorded as a single by American country artist, Connie Smith. It was produced by Bob Ferguson and was released on her 1965 album, Cute 'n' Country. The song was released in April 1965, reaching the Top 5 on the Billboard country music chart, becoming her third Top 10 hit. It was Smith's third single released under the RCA Victor label.

Connie Smith - I Can't Remember Lyrics


It was late and I was sleeping when he called

And I can't remember much he said at all

Just that he was leaving town and must get off the phone

I can't remember when he told me he'd be home

Did he say Sunday noon or one day soon

I think he left with them but what if he said am

Did they go to meet the train or leave to catch a plane

I can't remember but I can't forget he's gone

So I telephoned his house and asked his Mom

If she'd knew where her little boy had gone

I know she must have told me and I heard her loud and clear

But I…

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