CowTrails Feb 25th,DJ Barbara Richhart.

Barbara Richhart
32229 Rd.P
Mancos,CO 81328
Western Belle of KSJD Dryland Community Radio

Minstrel Of The Range    Don Edwards    Saddle Songs (Disc 2)

Wings Of An Eagle    Gary Prescott    Rough Country, Wild Cattle

Navajo Land    Patty Parker    Southwestern Serenade

Wyoming: Jewel of the West    Leelee Robert    Jewel of the West

Down By The Old San Pedro *    James Michael    Meadowlark

Angel Of The Windmill    Mark Smith    “Wanderlust & Prairie Dust”

Wild Rose Of The Range    Two Medicine Music    2000 Miles From Nashville

They Call The Wind Maria    Diamond W Wranglers    A Kansas Souvenir

Montana Moon    Dan Mccorison    Montana Moon

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly    Hugo Montenegro    Treasury of the West, Vol (Disc 2)

Wanderin’ Star    Bill Barwick    Sometime

Land Of The Shalako    Sid Hausmann    Geronimo’s Land

Old Borunda Cafe    Jim Wilson    Border Bravo

What’s Become Of The Punchers    David Anderson    Ridin’Wild Horses

Ill Never Leave These Old Horses    Tom Russell    Folk Hotel

Desert Motel    Ian Tyson    Live At Longview

North Range    Ryan Fritz    One Last Horse

Blackjack    Dave Stamey    Twelve Mile Road

Okoehobee Joe    Gary McMahan    Going My Way

Badger Dance    Michael Hurwitz    Cowboy Fandango

Bad Man    Gary Allegretto    Harmonicowboy

It Could Have Been Worse    Pipp Gillette    Singing Songs By Waddie & Pipp

Yakima    Juni Fisher    Let’er Go,let’er Buck, Let’er Fly

Dust and Horns    Andy Hedges    City Boys

First Door At The Top Of The Stairs    Ron Christopher    Into The West

When The White Roses Bloom (Down In Red River Valley)    Kristyn Harris    Let Me Ride

Call Of The Far Away Hills    Clint Bradley    Riding After Midnight

Livin-On-Borrowed-Time   Jon Messenger

Cactus Heart    Charlie Roth    Tartan Cactus Heart

Railway Hotel    Charlie Landsborough    Love, In A Song

Tell Me No Lies    Libby Koch    Just Move On

Leaving Amarillo    Chuck Hawthorne    Silver Line

Deeper Well    The Rifters    Live At The Sagebrush

Letters, Songs, And Photographs    Shake Russell    Little Bright Band Of Light

The Ghost of Johnny Cash    Chuck Cannon    God Shaped Hole

Highway Patrolman    Johnny Cash    Murder

Sweet Dreams    Patsy Cline    Truckers Jukebox #1

The Long Black Veil        Lefty Frizzell    Lefty’s 20 Golden Hits

Daryle Singletary – Old Violin     3:31

Someplace to Come When It Rains    David Allen Coe    Invictus (Means) Unconquered

You’re A Violin That Never Has Been Played    Billy Walker

I’m An Old Song    Royal Wade Kimes    Crossing The Roads

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