CowTrails May 20,DJ Barbara Richhart.

Barbara Richhart
32229 Rd.P
Mancos,CO 81328
Western Belle of KSJD Dryland Community Radio

Four Corners Medley    Bar D Wranglers    Saddle Up

Streets Of Laredo    Bar-D Wranglers    Durango

Wagon Wheels    Gary Cook    Wheels

The Census    Cy Scarborough    Cy’s Classic Comedy Collection

Faded Love / Maidens Prayer    Matt Palmer    Fiddlin’ Around

Old Showboat    Riders In The Sky    40th Anniversary

Night Hawk    Charlie Daniels    Night Hawk

The Old Narrow Gauge    Bill Clark    The Man I Am

The Women Who Tamed The Men Who Tamed The West    Paula Erlene Forever In The West

Chopo    Cowtown Opry Buckaroos    Stockyards Serenade

Minstrel Of The Range    Don Edwards    Saddle Songs (Disc 2)

Forty And Found    Red Steagall    Dear Mama, I’m A Cowboy

Tribute To Wilf Carter    Eli Barsi    Darn Hard To Tame

There’s A Love Knot In My Lariat    Wilf Carter    Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Songs Of The Golden West

The Saddle    Trinity Seely    Trinity Seely

Adios and Run    Lacy J Dalton

River Of No Return    David John And The Comstock Cowboy Cowboys, Old Fiddles, And Wine

Open Range Cowboy    J Parson    The Outlaw Trail

Wild Rose Of The Range    Two Medicine Music    2000 Miles From Nashville

Fifty Years Ago    Ian Tyson    All the Good ‘uns

It’s A Cowboy Thang    Terry Brown    It’s A Cowboy Thang

Smoke of the Brandin’ Fire    Jim Jones    Feels Like Home to Me

Our Colorado Home    Dan Mccorison    Montana Moon

Snubbin Horse    Juni Fisher    Let ‘er Go, Let ‘er Buck, Let ‘er Fly

Makes Me Want To Dance    Donnie Poindexter    Cowboy Life

A Champion Someday    Bob Corley    Buckles, Boots And Cowboy Roots

The Ballad Of Bart Mcgee    Dave Stamey    Western Stories

Geronimo’s Land    Sid Hausmann    Geronimo’s Land

Stephenville Heist    Royal Wade Kimes    Shadows Of Time

Where the Green River Flows    Mickey Clark    Winding Highways

Daddy Was an Oilfield Man    Dawn Anita    Country Dawn

Desperadoes Waiting For A Train    Guy Clark    Old No. 1

Dark As As A Dungeon (w/Guy Clark)    Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Friends of Mine

Magdalene    Joe Ely    Panhandle Rambler

Rita Ballou    Vince Gill    When I Call Your Name

Baton Rouge    Jim Wilson    WHITE ROSE

Magnolia Wind    Bill Hearne    From Santa Fe To Las Cruces

Homer Wills    Heifer Belles

Just Like A Man    Juliet Gobert And Homer Wills    Peach Pies

More Country Than You    Hoyt Hughes    Cowboy

Analog    Whitney Rose    South Texas Suite [EP]

Look At You Now    Sam Outlaw    Tenderheart

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