Crystal Gayle - The Woman In Me

The Woman In Me

"The Woman in Me" is a song written by Susan Marie Thomas, and recorded by American country music artist Crystal Gayle. It was released in October 1981 as the first single from the album Hollywood, Tennessee. The song reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.


Crystal Gayle - The Woman In Me Lyrics


Seems to me, no matter what I do

I picked the wrong time to do it

In a minute, I will be all right

If you will let think it through


I could comb my hair and

Walk right out of here so fast

Let the silence tell you that

I've grown up at last


You'll never break in woman in me

Though you might break the smile

You'll never hurt the woman in me

But you might hurt the child


Can I help it if it feels good

To have your arms wrapped around me

When you touch me, I'm a little girl

And there's so much that I still need


Give me room to touch my own heart

I'm not so weak

I could fly away and leave you

With a kiss on the cheek

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