New Relase Doris Daley & Eli Barsi "Once Upon The West"Review by Rick Huff

Here's a CD of Daley's words (in Daley's words!) and Daley's words in Barsi's music!!  And there are some of singer Barsi's own creations as well.


Daley's title track poem “Once Upon The West” addresses points that inspire poems and songs spawning the words and melodies we treasure, providing the theme of the collection.  Along the way Daley compares and skewers resorts over encampments, Kardashian-types over farmwives, real coffee's horsepower over “Rancho Tarbucks” and Dad's rhythmic Waltz over any of 'Pop's' rhythms.  She offers appropriate wishes for you (“In Your Next Life”), Granddad's 'wily” coyote plan for his next life (“Say 'Hi' To Grandpa”) and Daley grabs you by the heart in “April 1881.”


Barsi handles Daley's words adroitly in the songs “Riding Home To You,” “Share The Ride With Me,” “Canadian Air,” “God Only Knows” and “Where Cowboys Ride” (also delivered as a poem as are “Once Upon The West” and “Goodnight To The Trail”).


It's a pleasant and effective paring, this Daley/Barsi thing, and it's further enhanced with fine instrumental support from Craig Young, Bruce Hoffman, John Cunningham and Al “Doc” Mehl.  Recommended.  Twenty-One tracks! 


CD:  (contact www.dorisdaley.com or www.elibarsi.com)


- by Rick Huff

Once Upon the West - Doris

Million Star Resort - Doris

Riding Home to You - Eli

Farmwives of Alberta - Doris

In Your Next Life - Doris

Share the Ride with Me - Eli

Where Cowboys Ride - Doris

Where Cowboys Ride - Eli

Say Hi to Grandpa - Doris

Rancho Tarbucks - Doris

Canadian Air - Eli

Three Quarter Time - Doris

Dancing with Dad - Eli

April 1881 - Doris

Hotel Rules - Doris

Goodnight to the Trail - Doris

Goodnight to the Trail - Eli

Never Say No in a Tight Spot - Doris

God Only Knows - Eli

Once Upon the West (Reprise) - Doris

Once Upon the West - Eli


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