Dwight Yoakam performs "Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)"

Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room is the third album by country singer Dwight Yoakam. The album contains Yoakam's first (and, as of 2017, only) two No. 1 Hot Country Singles singles. The first was "Streets of Bakersfield," a duet with country music veteran Buck Owens, who had originally released a version of the song in 1973. The second was an original composition of Yoakam's titled "I Sang Dixie." A third song on the album, "I Got You, also an original composition, peaked at No. 5. The title song, "Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)," also charted, but only to the No. 46 position

Dwight Yoakam - Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) Lyrics


She wore red dresses 

with her black shining hair

She had my baby 

and caused me to care

Then coldly she left me 

to suffer and cry

'Cause, She wore red dresses 

and told such sweet lies


I never knew him 

but he took her away

And on my knees like a madman

for vengeance I prayed

While the pain and the anger 

destroyed my weak mind

She wore red dresses 

and left the wounded behind


I searched til I found them, 

then I cursed at the sight

Of their sleeping shadows 

in the cold neon light

In the dark morning silence 

I placed the gun to her head

'Cause, She wore red dresses, 

but now she lay dead...

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