Floyd Cramer performs "Last Date"

"Last Date" is a 1960 instrumental written and performed by Floyd Cramer. It exemplifies the "slip note" style of piano playing that Cramer made popular. It peaked at number 11 on the country chart and at number two on the Hot 100. Cramer's recording inspired a number of successful cover versions, including a vocal adaptation by Conway Twitty.

Floyd Cramer - Last Date Lyrics


One hour and I'll be needing you

I know you're gonna make me blue

My heart is trembling through and through

Cause I know very well

I can tell, I can tell

This will be my last date with you

Just can't believe that this could end

I know I'll never love again

You'll ask me to be just a friend

It's as plain as can be

I can see, I can see

This will be my last date with you

I know we had a quarrel

But all sweethearts do

I gave my love to prove to you

That I would always love you and be true

I know you've met somebody new

You'll tell me you and I are through

My plans and dreams cannot come true

And when you say goodbye

I know I will cry

Cause I'll know it's my last date with you

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