Grand Ole Opry movie

Grand Ole Opry movie

Grand Ole Opry is a 1940 American comedy film directed by Frank McDonald and written by Dorrell McGowan and Stuart E. McGowan. The film stars Leon Weaver, Frank Weaver, June Weaver, Lois Ranson, Allan Lane and Henry Kolker. The film was released on June 25, 1940, by Republic Pictures



Leon Weaver as Abner Weaver

Frank Weaver as Cicero Weaver

June Weaver as Elviry Weaver

Lois Ranson as Susie Ann Weaver

Allan Lane as Fred Barnes

Henry Kolker as William C. Scully

John Hartley as 'Hunch' Clifton

Loretta Weaver as Violey Weaver

Purnell Pratt as Attorney General

Claire Carleton as Ginger Gordon

Ferris Taylor as Lt. Governor Edgar G. Thompson

Uncle Dave Macon as Uncle Dave Macon

Dorris Macon as Dorris Macon

Roy Acuff as Roy Acuff

Rachel Veach as Acuff Singer

George D. Hay as The Solemn Old Judge


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