Hank Williams Jr - Living Proof

Living Proof

Randall Hank Williams (born May 26, 1949), known professionally as Hank Williams Jr., is an American singer-songwriter and musician. His musical style is often considered a blend of Southern rock, blues, and traditional country. He is the son of country music singer Hank Williams and the father of Hank Williams III and Holly Williams.


Williams began his career by following in his famed father's footsteps, covering his father's songs and imitating his father's style. Williams' own style slowly evolved as he struggled to find his own voice and place within the country music industry. This trend was interrupted by a near-fatal fall off the side of Ajax Peak in Montana on August 8, 1975.After an extended recovery, he challenged the country music establishment with a blend of country, rock, and blues. Williams enjoyed much success in the 1980s, from which he earned considerable recognition and popularity both inside and outside the country music industry.


As a multi-instrumentalist, Williams' repertoire of skills include: guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, steel guitar, banjo, dobro, piano, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica, fiddle, and drums.

Hank Williams Jr Living Proof Lyrics


I'm gonna quit singin' all these sad songs

'Cause I can't stand the pain

Oh, the life I sing about now

And the one I live is the same

When I sing them old songs of daddy's

Seems like every one comes true

Lord, please help me

Do I have to be the living proof

Why just the other night after the show

An old drunk came up to me

He says "You ain't as good as your daddy, boy

And you never will be"

Then a young girl in old blue jeans

Says, "I'm your biggest fan"

It's a good thing I was born Gemini

'Cause I'm living for more than one man

Remember Jimmie and Hank and Johnny

They were in the summer of life

When you called them away, Lord

I don't wanna pay that price

Don't let my son ever touch a guitar

May he never sing the blues

Let him be free

Don't make him be more living proof

I don't wanna be a legend

I just wanna be a man

But Lord, You know sometimes

I've needed a helpin' hand

And it ain't been so easy lately

I've had to go it all alone

But I've always had anything

I ever wanted, except a home

I'm gonna quit singin' all them sad songs

'Cause I can't stand the pain

Oh, the life I sang to you about

And the one I live is the same

Yes, I've sang those old songs of daddy's

And now it seems they all come true

Lord, please help me

Do I have to be the living proof

Lord, please help me

I don't wanna be the living proof

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