If That Ain't Country April 16(The Reeves Brothers - King Of Country Music)

The Reeves Brothers - King Of Country Music

In this week's episode, we're featuring a gritty example of 21st century honky tonk from The Reeves Brothers: "King Of Country Music" (2017). Sons of an Arkansas traditionalist who found success in Southern California, Matt & Cole Reeves have forged a sound reminiscent of something that may have been heard on an AM radio in about 1975: grimy, no frills barroom country music. Their rough-hewn product belies the fact that both brothers were in their twenties when they recorded this album, but Cole Reeves says wryly that years of touring and cigarettes may have helped that sound along. The Reeves Brothers growl and twang their way through a collection of straight country gold (most of which you've never heard before, despite the amount of well-chosen covers) - highlights include the matter-of-fact "Waltzes And Western Swing", the travel-weary "King Of Country Music", the raucous "Mama You Raised A Ramblin' Man" and an unexpected gospel gem in "Unclouded Day". Although home is the little town of Delight, Arkansas - the bright lights of Vegas and surrounds have claimed The Reeves Brothers in 2018, and this album is proof they're going places.

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