If That Ain't Country Aug 9 (Weldon Henson - Honky Tonk Frontier)

Weldon Henson - Honky Tonk Frontier

In this week's episode, we're featuring the fourth album from a staple at the legendary Broken Spoke Dancehall in Austin, TX - Weldon Henson, and his sensational "Honky Tonk Frontier" (2015). Henson and his band have held down the popular "Two-Steppin' Tuesday" slot at the Spoke for some time now, regularly packing in several hundred of Austin's best dancers. It's no surprise then, that his music is primed to dance to - telecaster and steel-driven original "Texas made honky tonk" as Weldon Henson himself calls it. And speaking of steel - "Honky Tonk Frontier" was recorded at Cherry Ridge Studios in Floresville, TX: owned by Tommy Detamore, an accomplished steel guitarist himself, and featuring co-production by the steeler on the record itself in Ricky Davis. With that much C6 & E9 influence in the control room and in the studio, you know you're in for some hardcore traditional country music. Featuring Weldon's regular road band on the album was a smart move too.. these guys gel wonderfully. Highlights include the pumping "Heartache Game", a pair of good old drinking songs in "Hey Bottle Of Whiskey" and "I Need Wine" and the almost wistful "Just Believe". Can't wait for Weldon Henson's next effort.

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