If That Ain't Country Feb 13(Clint Black-Put Yourself In My Shoes)

Clint Black - Put Yourself In My Shoes

In this episode, we're featuring the sophomore album from Clint Black: "Put Yourself In My Shoes" (1990). Black's first album, "Killin' Time" (1989) - with 28 weeks at #1 and with five #1 singles - was always going to be a hard act to follow. But having written or co-written all the songs on this release with main collaborator and guitarist Hayden Nicholas, Clint Black borrows from several styles under the country music umbrella, and the result helped him graduate, well and truly, from the so-called "Class Of '89". There's roadhouse honky tonk on "This Nightlife", lovelorn musings in "Loving Blind", western swing on "One More Payment" and old-west balladry on "The Goodnight-Loving" - and with sensational picking from Black's road band, "Put Yourself In My Shoes" was a worthy follow up to "Killin' Time", if less successful commercially. Then again, commercial success doesn't really mean much these days, does it?

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