If That Ain't Country Feb 20(Daryle Singletary - That's Why I Sing This Way)

Daryle Singletary - That's Why I Sing This Way

This week we lost one of this generation's purest traditional country's voices. At the age of only 46, Daryle Singletary passed away, leaving behind his wife and four kids. Musically, he was a hardline traditionalist who's message and baritone has resonated amongst fans since his 1995 major label debut. Gone too soon, and a personal hero of mine - this was a difficult episode to make. It felt to me like Daryle's passing is the biggest gut punch to traditional country music since Keith Whitley died in 1989 - if only because both had so much more to give. My hope is that this episode will allow fans a chance to say goodbye to Daryle by featuring one of his best post-2000 albums: "That's Why I Sing This Way" (2002). Mr. Singletary was an icon, an ambassador, an all-round nice guy and it's not an exaggeration to say that every song on this album is a highlight. Rest in peace mate, I'll miss ya.

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