If That Ain't Country May 7(Paul Bogart - Leather)

 Paul Bogart - Leather 

In this week's episode, we're featuring the latest album from genuine roping and riding cowboy Paul Bogart: "Leather" (2017). After moving from his home of Oolagah, Oklahoma (pop. 1146) to Nashville about a decade ago to pursue a career in music, he released a handful of albums, enjoying a steady rise in success. By the time 2018 had rolled around, Bogart had graduated from honky tonks to arenas and "Leather" is a thoroughly professional project to match. With Trent Willmon at the helm, the production is radio-friendly and slick at times, but firmly rooted in the traditions of country music. Songs like "George Jonesin'" aren't just name-checking the legends: Jones himself would have his toes tapping to the western swinger "All That Cowboy Jazz"; cowboy subject matter is tackled with authenticity given Bogart's calf-roping history on "When The Cowboys Are Gone" and the tender "Buckaroo Lullaby"; and the listener is hooked right out of the gate with "Better With My Baby". When your friends next talk about "modern country music", do them a favour and turn them onto to Paul Bogart.

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