New Relase Jim Jones"Headin' Home"Review by Rick Huff

This time around, the award-winning Mr. Jones offers Western tracks and not-so Western tracks in a mix of the purely pleasant with frequent dashes of the thoughtful.  Picks include one that could be autobiographical for any traveling musician “Living The Dream,” the novelty spin on “Bringing In The Sheaves” Jones calls “More Meat For Me,” a Jones/Kristyn Harris co-write (and sing) “Take Me Back To Texas,” the title track “Headin' Home,” a Jones/Bruce Huntington co-write called “Man Of The Mountains,” a Jones/Les Buffham offering “Queen Of Alcova” and the one about my own personal house of worship “The Church Of The Wretched Excess!”


Some covers done this time are worthy of mention.  Kerry Grombacher's “The Outlaw Trail,” Paul Simons' thematically connected “Homeward Bound” and Ian Tyson's “Four Strong Winds” performed here with daughter Adrianne Morrow Jones are all candidates for a shout-out!    Recommended.  Fourteen tracks. 


CD:  (available through www.jimjonesmusic.com  -  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jimjones12)


- by Rick Huff

Colorado Calling

Livin' the Dream

More Meat for Me

Old Desperados

Take Me Back to Texas When I Die

The Outlaw Trail

Headin' Home

Wrong a Lot (feat. Kristina Jacobsen)

Homeward Bound

Man of the Mountains

The Church of the Wretched Excess

The Queen of Alcova

Four Strong Winds (feat. Adrianne Morrow-Jones)

Where Did the Dream Go

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