Johnny Cash performs "Seasons Of My Heart" Live Video.

Johnny Cash performs "Seasons Of My Heart" Live Video.

"Season of My Heart" is a song written by George Jones and Darrell Edwards. The song was released as the b-side to the #4 hit "Why Baby Why" in 1955. The song was also recorded by Johnny Cash and, released in 1960, it became a #10 hit.

The song was one of Jones' best early ballads, included on many of his early studio and compilation albums with Starday and Mercury Records in the late 1950s. The song was even included on his debut 1957 album "The Grand Ole Opry's New Star", which was Starday's first album release in the label's history.

Johnny Cash Seasons Of My Heart Lyrics Lyrics

The seasons come the seasons go

We get a little sunshine, rain and snow

Just the way that it was planned to be


But there's no seasons in my heart

While you play the leading part

'Cause the flowers will bloom eternally


Your leaving will bring autumn sorrow

And my tears like withered leaves will fall

But spring could bring some glad tomorrow

And, darling, we could be happy after all


As it is in nature's plan

No season get the upper hand

How I try to keep this fact in mind


The trees are bare the cold wind blows

And by experience we should know

Winter comes but the spring is close behind

Your leaving will bring

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