Johnny Paycheck performs"Old Violin"

Johnny Paycheck (born Donald Eugene Lytle; May 31, 1938 – February 19, 2003) was an American country music singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Grand Ole Opry member notable for recording the David Allan Coe song "Take This Job and Shove It". He achieved his greatest success in the 1970s as a force in country music's "Outlaw Movement" popularized by artists Coe, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, and Merle Haggard. In the 1980s, his music career slowed due to drug, alcohol and legal problems. He served a prison sentence in the early 1990s and his declining health effectively ended his career in early 2000. 

Johnny Paycheck - Old Violin  Lyrics


Well, I can't recall, one time in my life,

I've felt as lonely as I do tonight.

I feel like I could lay down, and get up no more,

It's the damndest feelin'; I never felt it before.


Tonight I feel like an old violin,

Soon to be put away and never played again.

Don't ask me why I feel like this, hell, I can't say.

I only wish this feelin' would just go away.


I guess it's 'cause the truth,

Is the hardest thing I ever faced.

'Cause you can't change the truth,

In the slightest way. I tried.


So I asked myself,

I said: 'John, where'd you go from here?'

Then like a damned fool,

I turned around and looked in the mirror.


And there I saw, an old violin.

Soon to be put away and never played again.


So one more time, just to be sure,

I said: 'John, where in the hell do you go from here?'

You know that when a nickel's worth of difference,

And I looked in the mirror, that's when I knew.


That there I was seein', an old violin.

Soon to be put away, and never played again.


And just like that, it hit me,

That old violin and I were just alike.

We'd give our all to music,

And soon, we'd give our life.

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