Kenny Rogers - Lucille

The song, reached # 1 on the charts of U.S Hot Country Songs, for two weeks in a row, the song remained 20 weeks on the charts, it also reach # 1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts.

Lucille, song written by Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum, was recorded by Kenny Rogers for the United Artist label, in August 1976, at American Studios, 1111 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN, in the recording session, along with the Lucille song, three other songs were recorded Kenny was accompanied on the recording by: Billy Sanford (guitar), Dale Sellers (guitar), Dave Kirby (guitar), Fred Carter (guitar), Jerry Shook (guitar), Jimmy Capps (guitar), Johnny Christopher (guitar) , Pete Wade (guitar), Ray Edenton (guitar), Reggie Young (guitar), Steve Gibson (guitar), Pete Drake (steel), Tommy Allsup (bass guitar), Bob Moore and Joe Osborn (bass), Buddy Harmon, Jerry Carrigan and Kenny Malone (drums), Tommy Williams (fiddle), Bobby Wood, Charles ‘Chuck’ Cochran, George Richey, Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins and Larry Butler (keyboards) + strings + Bergen White, Buzz Cason, Don Gant, Johnny MacCrea, Jordanaires, Larry Keith and Steve Pippin (vocal back) .With the production of Larry Butler, the song was released on the 24th of January 1977, and April 2, 1977, reached # 1 on the charts of U.S Hot Country Songs, for two weeks in a row, the song remained 20 weeks on the charts. On April 16, 1977, for two weeks in a row, it also reach # 1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts. The song reached number # 5 of the pop charts in the USA, also reached number one in: U.K, Yuguslavia and Soth Africa. In New Zealand and Ireland it reached number # 2. He has been one of Kenny Rogers’ greatest successes. It was the first number one for Kenny, it would be the first of a long career of success.

Kenny won the 1977 Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance and was the winner of the CMA award for Single Of The Year.


The song was included in the second studio album by Kenny Rogers from United Artists Records, Kenny Rogers (United Artists Records 1977), the album was released in January 1977, reaching # 1 of the US Top Country Albums charts, the May 21, 1977, for two consecutive weeks, and remained a total of 120 weeks in the charts. The album was certified platinum in the USA and gold in Canada.

About the song:


This song, about an unfaithful wife who abandons her husband and four children at an inopportune moment, was written by Hal Bynum and Roger Bowling. The latter also wrote “Blanket On The Ground” for Billie Jo Spears. Other successes written by Bynum include “The Old, Old House” (George Jones, Bill Monroe) and “Chains” (Patty Loveless).

The song was inspired by real-life events, since Bynum’s marriage was in trouble when he began writing this song. He was struggling with the temptation of another woman’s love breakthroughs and, while his wife was preparing for a trip, Bynum said: “You chose a good time to leave me.” Bowling then helped Bynum alter the song to a bar situation, inspired by the sight of a couple arguing at the Greyhound bus station in Toledo.


An anecdote, Kenny’s mother is called Lucille, a simple coincidence.


Some versions:


Waylon Jennings 1977 (RCA)

Top of the Pops 1977 (Hallmark Records)

The Barron Knights 1977 (Epic)

Gerry Storme 1977 (Tank)

Johnny Chester 1978 (Image)

Country Road 1978 (Sun Music)

Clive Bruce 1978 (Disc Jockey)

The Links 1978 (Link Records)

Kenny Rogers - Lucille Lyrics


In a bar in toledo across from the depot on a

Bar stool she took off her ring

I thought I'd get closer so I walked on over I

Sat down and asked her name

When the drinks finally hit her she said I'm no

Quitter but I finally quit livin on dreams

I'm hungry for laughter and here ever after I'm

After what-ever the other life brings


In the mirror I saw him and I closely watched him I

Thought how he looked out of place

He came to the woman who sat there be-side me he

Had a strange look on his face

The big hands were calloused he looked like a

Mountain for a minute I thought I was dead

But he started shaking his big heart was

Breaking he turned to the woman and said


You picked a fine time to leave me lu-cille

With four hungry children and a crop in the field

I've had some bad times lived through some sad times but

This time your hurting won't heal

You picked a fine time to leave me lu-cille.


After he left us I ordered more whisky I thought how she'd

Made him look small

From the lights of the bar room to a rented ho-tel room we

Walked without talking at all

She was a beauty but when she came to me she

Must have thought I'd lost my mind

I couldn't hold her 'cos the words that told her kept

Coming back time after time

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