Loretta Lynn performs “Love Is The Foundation”

"Love Is the Foundation" is the title track from the 1973 album by Loretta Lynn. "Love Is the Foundation", written by William Cody Hall, was Lynn's seventh number one on the U.S. country singles chart as a solo artist. The single stayed at number one for two weeks and spent a total of thirteen weeks on the chart.

Loretta Lynn - Love Is The Foundation Lyrics


I've seen him as he awakens in the morning

He reaches out his hand and without a word

As his fingers softly fall upon my face

He lights the flame of desire and makes me want him

And love is the foundation we lean on all you need is love to ease your mind

And does it have to be right to be called love

When he gives me more loving then a lifetime of looking could ever find

And love is the foundation we lean on...

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