Loretta Lynn - The Other Woman

The Other Woman

Loretta Lynn performs "The Other Woman"Live Video.

"The Other Woman" was recorded at the Columbia Recording Studio on January 9, 1963. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the session was produced by renowned country music producer Owen Bradley. Also included on the session was background vocal group The Jordanaires.

"The Other Woman" reached number thirteen on the Billboard Hot Country Singles survey in 1963. The song became her second hit single under the Decca recording label. "Success" was included on her debut studio album in 1963, Loretta Lynn Sings.

Loretta Lynn The Other Woman Lyrics


I'd like to introduce myself

I'm the other woman the other woman in your husband's life

The whole town's buzzin' bout us and our stolen moments

They're callin' you the true and faithful wife

But you gave him the right to seek that other woman

And you know who was first to cheat on who

I just accepted love from him you never wanted

The other woman didn't steal from you

[ steel ]

Now everybody's blaming me I'm the other woman

But who are they to judge who's wrong or right

Their whispers might be different if they knew what I know

The husband still beats you home ever night

But you gave him the right...

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