Love That Country Music april 13,DJ Oscar Martinez

Play List

6 String Drag - Be Like You

Caitlin Canty - Basil Gone to Blossom

Jane Allison - Just Another Girl

Kristi Stanley - Never Say Never

Jeff Dayton - Gentle On My Mind

Flatt Lonesome - Gently Please Tell Me Goodbye

Special Consensus - Bought and Sold

Adam James Sorensen - Steam Train

Courtney Marie Andrews - I've Hurt Worse

Graham Nicholas - Dial Tones And Pretty Notes

Bob Livingston - That's The Way Things Go

El Coyote - Only Temporary

The Sweetback Sisters - One Day at a Time

Lynda Kay - No Se Porque

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Billy The Kid And Geronimo

The Hens - You Don't Have Very Far to Go

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