Love That Country Music april 20,DJ Oscar Martinez

Play List

Red Shahan - Waterbill

Cold Tone Harvest - Adeline

Brandon Jenkins - High Time

Viper Central - I Won't Be Left Behind

Kristy Cox - Just Me Leaving

Becky Buller - The Rebel And The Rose

Dennis Winslow and Shoebox Letters - American Dream

Don Gallardo - Trains Go By

Jackson Emmer - At The Bottle Again

Ashleigh Dallas - I've Got You

Victoria Bailey - Honky Tonk Woman

Rod Melancon - Outskirts Of You

Shavonne - Reflections of a Fool

Eleven Hundred Springs - Where In The Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush

Bo Porter - There's A New Moon

Open Range & The Stampede Swing Band - Wild Western Plains

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