Love That Country Music June 22,DJ Oscar Martinez

Play List

Johnny Irion - Once In A While

CoCo O'Connor - Abilene

Dean Owens - Elvis Was My Brother

Don Gallardo - Oh Jane

Amanda Fields - Walkin Suzie

Ida Clare - Don't Take Me Back

Missouri Mile - A Million Miles Away

Nicki Bluhm - Last to Know

Erin Rae - Putting on Airs

B.R. Lively - The Blue

Kayla Ray - Once a Week Cheaters feat. Colton Hawkins

Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis - I Just Lived a Country Song

Bill Hearne - That's Why I Sing In A Honky-Tonk

The Western Caravan - My Confession

Patricia Maguire - Why Must You Throw Dirt In My Face

Chuck Cusimano and Dee Jee Overbey - Rhymes Without Reason

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