Love That Country Music May 25,DJ Oscar Martinez

Play List

John Stockdale - Already On My Way
Yarn - Undone
Bumper Jacksons - White Horse
Joe's Truck Stop - Peace of Mind
Peter Rowan - The True and Trembling Brakeman
Kristi Stanley - Somebody Else Will
Dawn Landes - What Will I Do
Jacki Stone - Wishful Drinking
Emily Herring - Right Behind Her
El Coyote - Come Around
Chuck Hancock - Holding Her
Haybale - Darling Who's The Stranger
Hearts Gone South - Little Things
Cliff Westfall - It Hurt Her To Hurt Me
Blue Yonder - Well-Acquainted with the Blues
Bourbon Express - Dilly Dally
Mario Carboni & Red Simpson - Let The Sad Times Roll On

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