Love That Country Music Oct 5,DJ Oscar Martinez

Play List

JP Harris - JP's Florida Blues #1

Bob Wayne - Mr. Bandana

Erin O'Dowd - Miss Neelye

Susan Lily - Musical Journey

NewTown - Long Hard Road

The Crowe Brothers - Don't Leave Him Hangin'

Fink-Marxer-Gleaves - Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie

Jason Wickens - Traveling In My Mind

Tori Forsyth - Hearts on the Ground

Lori McKenna - People Get Old

David Starr - Nothing Short

Martha Spencer - Blue Ridge Mountain Lullaby

Kenny Kens & The Brown Bottle Boys - I Just Need to Be Loved by You

The Ponderosa Aces - Come Around

Jesse Daniel - Comin' Down Again

Cowtown Country Club - Cold Cold Heart

OJ Hanssen - Carolina Moon

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