Marty Robbins - Ribbon Of Darkness

Ribbon Of Darkness

Marty Robbins Performs"Ribbon Of Darkness"on Pop Goes The Country.

"Ribbon of Darkness" is a song written by Gordon Lightfoot that was released in 1965 as a single by Marty Robbins. The song was Robbins' eleventh number one on the U.S. country singles chart, where it spent one week at the top and a total of nineteen weeks on the chart.

Lightfoot's own version was released as single in 1965 and included in his 1966 debut album Lightfoot! and again for his 1975 compilation album Gord's Gold. The latter recording features the song in a medley with "I'm Not Sayin'", as does the live recording from Lightfoot's 1969 Sunday Concert album.


Marty Robbins Ribbon Of Darkness Lyrics


Ribbon of darkness over me

Since my true love walked out the door

Tears I never had before

Ribbon of darkness over me 

Clouds a-atherin' o'er my head

That kill the day and hide the sun

That shroud the night when day is done

Ribbon of darkness over me 


Rain is falling on the meadow

Where once my love and I did lie

Now she is gone from the meadow

My love goodbye 


Ribbon of darkness over me

Where once the world was young as spring

Where flowers did bloom and birds did sing

Ribbon of darkness over me 


Here in this cold room lyin'

Don't want to see no one but you

Lord I wish I could be dyin'

To forget you 


Oh how I wish your heart could see

How mine just aches and breaks all day

Come on home and take away

This ribbon of darkness over me

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