Mel Tillis - Burning Memories

Burning Memories

Mel Tillis  performs "Burning Memories",Live on That Nashville Music

Lonnie Melvin Tillis (August 8, 1932 – November 19, 2017) was an American country music singer and songwriter. Although he recorded songs since the late 1950s, his biggest success occurred in the 1970s, with a long list of Top 10 hits.

Tillis' biggest hits include "I Ain't Never", "Good Woman Blues", and "Coca-Cola Cowboy". On February 13, 2012, President Barack Obama awarded Tillis the National Medal of Arts for his contributions to country music.He also won the Country Music Association Awards' most coveted award, Entertainer of the Year.


Mel Tillis Burning Memories Lyrics

(Burning mem'ries burning mem'ries)

Tonight I'm burning old love letters photographs and memories of you

Hoping somehow I'll feel better and when the smoke is gone I won't want you

Burning mem'ries burning mem'ries memories of you that I can't use

My heart to you no longer matters and I can't live on memories

Into the fire those dreams you've shattered

And when the smoke is gone then I'll be free

(Burning mem'ries burning mem'ries)

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