Mel Tillis - Heart Healer

Heart Healer

Mel Tillis  performs "Burning Memories",Live on That Nashville Music

"Heart Healer" is a song written by John Greenebaum and Tomas Gmeiner, and recorded by American country music artist Mel Tillis. It was released in December 1976 as the first single and title track from the album Heart Healer. The song was Mel Tillis' third number one on the country chart. The single stayed at number one for one week and spent a total of nine weeks on the country chart

 Mel Tillis Heart Healer lyrics

Well I fell to sweet temptation

A victim to the devils vow

And most of my dreams got lost in the bargain

I could use a little comfort now

When I get love life's inspiration

It just knocks me flat on my face

You came along to pick me up

And I'm looking for more than a taste

I need a sweetheart healer like you

It's been a long time over due

I looked around and around and around and around

For a sweetheart healer like you

Now my friends and close relations

Say I ought to take it slow

But I can't subdue what I'm feeling for you

And it's time to let it show

There's no need for moderation

Now I think it's plain to see

I got the desire to unlock the chains

And I'm handing you the key

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