Notable Exceptions - Souvenir

The “duo par excellence” has excelled again!


For their second release, Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps have followed the old saying “you should write about what you know!”  Add to that “sing” in the Notable's case.  The well-traveled touring team certainly knows the road.  Their hilarious “Mobil(e) Travel Guide” says it all and, of course, Joyce Woodson's song “Souvenir” provides the collection's title and slides into the passenger seat comfortably.


Cover picks on the release include Dave Stamey's “Somewhere West Of Laramie,” Juni Fisher's marvel “The Same River” (on which Coder plays her great great grandfather's Civil War-era fife), Sherry Diamnod's “Cowgirl Serenade” and Notable Exceptions' galloping harmony showpiece Rossini's “William Tell Overture,” for which they took home a WMA Harmony Award one year, if memory serves.  In addition to Coder and Epps' own multi-instrumental contributions, additional able support comes from Patti Nance (dobro), Erinn Renyer (cello) and Aaron Till (fiddle).


Despite having been recorded across the course of a single week while on tour in Kansas, nothing comes off rushed here...except the speed of the “William Tell,” of course!!  Highly recommended.  Thirteen tracks.


CD:  (available by contacting Judy Coder & Jennifer Epps 785-554-9557 and through www.NotableExceptions.com)


- by Rick Huff


The Vaquero

You Can't Have Him

Somewhere West Of Laramie

You Should See The Way It Feels

The Same River

Cowgirl Serenade

The Night Sky

Mobil(e) Travel Guide

I'm Going To Go Back There Someday

Life On a Song

William Tell Overture



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