Play List May 25, 2018. When The Cowboy Sings Radio Show.


Rusted Spurs West Texas Bluebonnets Tumbleweeds and Old Horses 2018

Catherine Thompson My Adobe Hacienda Western Serenade 2018

Western Caravan        Right or Wrong Honky Tonk 2018

Sara Lou & the Cowboy Just Stay Just Stay 2018

Bob Corley Ride with Me God Buckles, Boots and Cowboy Roots 2018

Lauralee Northcott Don't Know Where On The Loose and Headed Your Way 2017

Doug Adkins Wishful Thinkin' Dirt Roads And Fence Lines 2018

Ricky Cook Honk for a Hottie Thanks a Lot Loretta! 2018

Jim Jones Old Desperados Headin' 2018

Rusted Spurs West Be Here To Love Me Tumbleweeds and Old Horses 2018

Johnny Angel & Helldorado Empty Glass Cafe Crawfish and Cowboys 2018

Leslie Tom Honky Tonkin Ain't It Something, Hank Williams 2018

Rusted Spurs West So Long Arizona Tumbleweeds and Old Horses 2018

Bobby Mackey The Great Haggard Songs I'll Go Down Swinging 2018

Billy Payne Honky Tonk Heroes Tribute To An Outlaw 2018

Taryn Noelle Swing Of The Range Swings 2018

Countryside Ride Nick's Bar & Grill I Hope He Breaks Your Heart 2017

Matt Robertson Wild West Show Just Cowboyin 2018

Rusted Spurs West Tumbling Tumbleweeds Tumbleweeds and Old Horses 2018

Rusted Spurs West Take Me Back To Tulsa Tumbleweeds and Old Horses 2018

From the previous album by Mark Baker

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