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If That Ain't Country June 21(Skeets McDonald - Call Me Skeets!) (vie, 22 jun 2018)
Skeets McDonald - Call Me Skeets! In this episode, we're featuring some of the best early 60s honky tonk you've never heard: from the chronically underrated Skeets McDonald, our feature album is: "Call Me Skeets!" (1964). Skeets got his first major record deal in LA - he was picked up by Capitol and spent a good stint with them which included his only #1 hit in 1952 with "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes". He flirted with rockabilly and rock 'n' roll, but it was after his move to Capitol's arch-rivals Columbia in 1959 that we pick up the story - all of our feature album was recorded between '59-'63, and it demonstrates Skeets McDonald's refusal to budge from his hard country sound. We feature some sensational country shuffles, a few featuring a young Johnny Paycheck on harmonies, Jimmy Day on steel and Tommy Jackson on fiddle - and Skeets' nasal hillbilly twang slots in perfectly. As one reviewer in the 60s wrote: "Listening to him [Skeets] sing is like playing a record you liked twenty years ago. It's the plaintive sound from a thousand beer joints along highways from Altoona to Albuquerque.".. Can you believe that was meant to be a negative review??

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Western Swing Time June 20,DJ Randy Tex Hill. (vie, 22 jun 2018)
  Randy "Tex" Hill Cowtown Society of Western Music "2016 DJ of the Year;" 2015 AWA Top Ten DJ's; 2014 Northwest Western Swing Music Society Hall of Fame. Randy Hill is the creator and host of Western Swing Time Radio. A professional musician for over 40 years, Randy started playing drums as a young boy growing up on a central Texas farm approximately 30 miles south of Austin. During that time period, he was introduced to a variety of music via a stack of old 78s that belonged to his grandfather; artists like, B.B. King, Smiley Lewis, Bobby Lord, Gene Autry and the Old Smoky Twins. Trips to the Club 21 dance hall in nearby Uhland, Texas on Saturday nights with his parents sewed the seeds of a lifetime love of classic country music and the blues. Spread the word! The Western Swing Time Radio Show is on the air! 2 big shows - 10:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m. No cover!   Howdy friend! Grab your dancin' shoes and get ready for another swinging time on the Western Swing Time Radio Show, where Tex Hill will be playing some of the best western and Texas swing, this siiiiiiiidde of the Pecos River!     Today’s show is brought to you in part by The Oregon Valley Boys, ”We’re on a mission from Bob™"   You may also listen to the show on the magical TuneIn radio app!

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