Porter Wagoner performs "Settin' the Woods on Fire"

"Settin' the Woods on Fire" is the name of a single and the A-side song by Hank Williams released in 1952. The song reached #2 on U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles.


Although it sounds remarkably like a Hank Williams composition, "Settin' the Woods on Fire" was written by Hank's song publisher and producer Fred Rose with an elderly New Yorker, Ed G. Nelson Sr. Williams recorded it with Rose producing at Castle Studio on June 13, 1952 in Nashville with Jerry Rivers (fiddle), Don Helms (steel guitar), and Harold Bradley (rhythm guitar), while it is speculated that Chet Atkins played lead guitar and Ernie Newton played bass.The song peaked at #2 while the B-side, "You Win Again," climbed to #10. Author Colin Escott offers that the song "pointed unerringly toward rockabilly."

Hank Williams - Settin' the Woods on Fire Lyrics


Comb your hair and paint and powder

You act proud and I'll act prouder

You sing loud and I'll sing louder

Tonight we're setting the woods on fire


You my gal and I'm your feller

Dress up in your frock of yeller

I'll look swell but you'll look sweller

Setting the woods on fire


We'll take in all the honkey tonks

Tonihgt we're having fun

We'll show the folks a brand new dance

That never has been done


I don't care who thinks we're silly

You be Daffy and I'll be Dilly

We'll order up to bowls of chili

Setting the woods on fire


I'll gas up my hot rod stocker

We'll get hotter than a poker

You'll be broke but I'll be broker

Tonight we're setting the woods on fire


We'll sit close to one another

Up the one street and down the other

We'll have a time O brother

Setting the woods on fire


We'll put aside a little time

To fix a flat or two

My tires and tubes are doing fine

But the air is showing through


You clap hands and I'll start bowing

We'll do all the laws allowin'

Tomorrow I'll be right back plowing

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