Ray Pillow performs "Under The X In Texas"

Ray Pillow (born July 4, 1937) is an American country music singer who has also worked as a music publisher and A&R representative. In his career, he has charted eighteen times on the Billboard country singles charts, with his highest-peaking song being the No. 9 "I'll Take the Dog," a duet with Jean Shepard.After charting for the last time in 1981, Pillow founded Sycamore Records with Larry McFadden, and later worked in the A&R department of Capitol Records.


Today, Pillow continues to perform as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and on popular classic country television programs such as Country's Family Reunion, which airs regularly in the United States on RFD-TV network.


Through his record label, Pillow has released two albums, including Ray Pillow Live and his recent studio effort containing new material, Country Class. Both CDs can be purchased online through Pillow's official website and at his live shows.


Pillow has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1966

Red Steagall Under the X in Texas lyrics


I'm sittin' with a map lay out on my lap

Now there's not too many places that I ain't been

But the one place I love best is spread all over the west

And I'm tryin' the bigger how to get back home again


I wish I was sittin' right under the X in Texas

Right in the heart of where my heart must be

But whenever I roam I never feel at home cept in Texas

Under the X in Texas is the only place for me


[ guitar - steel - fiddle ]

Now I don't know what I miss the most

The hills out west or the southern coast

Or be in where a man can sleep for miles for miles

Those east Texas rivers with tall pine trees

Or the great sneak plaines with prairie breeze

But baby I'm lonesome to see a Texas smile


I wish I was sittin' right under the X in Texas.

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